The Papers: ‘Boris is a fighter’ and ‘PM power vacuum fears’

Image caption Wednesday’s papers continue to focus on the condition of Boris Johnson as he spends a second night in an intensive care unit with coronavirus. The Daily Mail reports Mr Johnson’s deputy, Dominic Raab, as saying the PM is a “fighter” who will “pull through”.
Image caption “Get well soon Boris,” is the message from a team of medical staff at the George Eliot Hospital in Warwickshire on the front of the Daily Express. The paper reflects how Mr Raab described the PM as “not just our boss… he’s our friend”.
Image caption Questions over who is making decisions while Mr Johnson is still in intensive care lead the Daily Telegraph. The paper says Mr Raab has “cast doubt” on whether the UK’s lockdown will be reviewed as previously promised on Easter Monday.
Image caption “Power vacuum fears,” is how the Guardian describes the situation as it claims Mr Raab has been “denied authority” to act without the agreement of the full cabinet of senior ministers.
Image caption The Sun urges its readers to stay at home and pray for Boris Johnson. The paper describes a nation united in wishing Mr Johnson well as he fights Covid-19.
Image caption The apparent admission by the UK government’s chief medical adviser Chris Whitty that Germany’s testing regime may offer some lessons to the government leads the Financial Times. It says the UK is struggling to carry out 15,000 coronavirus tests a day, while Germany regularly reaches 50,000.
Image caption “Caretaker PM may be needed,” says the i paper, which points out Mr Johnson is not on a ventilator device, but is receiving oxygen. It says that should Mr Raab fall ill, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is next in line to lead the government.
Image caption “We’re with you Boris,” says the Metro. It points out that Mr Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds cannot visit her partner in hospital and it reports the Queen’s message of support for her prime minister.
Image caption “Britain sends message of hope to battling Johnson”, is the the headline in the Times. The paper’s story notes the cautious optimism voiced by the government’s leading scientist that the UK’s coronavirus infection rate “could be moving in the right direction”.
Image caption The Daily Star meanwhile swerves more virus coverage to warn it could be “Saturday night hay fever” for many as pollen counts soar to a 70-year high this weekend.

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